USS Arleigh Burke Launces Tomahawks

September 23, 2014

Irony & Sexual Assault Awareness Month at the Naval Academy

April 12, 2014

Sexual Assault Month at the Naval Academy

If you thought the leadership in the U.S. Navy have been making some bad decisions lately, look who they think should lecture future Naval Officers about the evils of sexual assault.

Bill OBill Clinton explaining sexual assault to Naval Cadets at Annapolis

Meet Yuzu Ogura

March 27, 2014

Meet Yuzu Ogura

George T. Wendlken – Our Gang Cast Member?

February 18, 2014

George T. Wendlken - Our Gang Cast Member?

He’s identified here in this July 1945 issue of Naval Aviation News as George Wendell who played “Freckles” in Hal Roach’s Our Gang movies. The problem is that it doesn’t look like there was a “Freckles” character in the Our Gang movies, and there is no listing of George Wendell in the various lists of Our Gang cast members.

As can be seen from the broadcast schedule below, George was heard literally all over the world via numerous shortwave broadcasting stations.


A 1998 obituary of George T. Wendlken appearing in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, indicates that he was in the Our Gang movies, and was a spokesman for the Navy (As noted in Naval Aviation News) and raised $200 million dollars in war bonds.

Hard to say what is going on here, but there have been other Our Gang imposters.  See this Wikipedia page.

Atlanta Radio Station WAGA 1945 Advertisment

February 13, 2014

Atlanta Radio Station WAGA 1945 Advertisment

“Mo spice, mo pepper…”

Running a Warship on Red Hat Linux

December 27, 2013


Electronic Modular Enclosures

Sixteen of these Electronic Modular Enclosures will be aboard the new U.S. Navy’s DD 1000 class Zumwalt class ships. These mini-data centers, built by Raytheon, are packed with blade servers running Red Hat Linux.

What could possibly go wrong?

Merry Christmas from Chuck Norris & The North Coast Curmudgeon

December 24, 2013

Meet Kana Tsuruta

December 16, 2013

Meet Kana Tsuruta

Missed It By That Much

December 14, 2013

According to a former government official who spoke recently with Gen. Keith B. Alexander, the N.S.A. director, the general said that at the time Mr. Snowden was downloading the documents, the spy agency was several months away from having systems in place to catch the activity.

Reality Disconnect

November 23, 2013

Reality Disconnect

(Via Memepix)


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