It’s sounding more and more like the so-called “Vietnamization Program” that proceeded our exit from Vietnam. Then, the idea was to turn the war over to the Vietnamese. We knew full well that the South Vietnamese were no match for the North Vietnamese army and the Viet Cong, but if there was a decent interval between the time that the United States departed the country and the collapse of the South Vietnamese government, we could perhaps escape blame for the defeat of the South.

Not that I claim to be be the first to notice this. Google “Iraqization” and you will come up with a bunch of pages relating to the term – I like this one.

Now, it’s now going to take only a year, rather than two years, to train the new Iraqi army, and we are going to speed up the training of the various paramilitary police and security forces in Iraq. No more U.S. troops are needed in country, thank you.

The President has said we will stay in Iraq until the job is done, but of course it’s the President, not the Iraqi people who gets to determine when the job is done. Under the circumstances, it will be easy to declare the job done, mission accomplished, victory achieved – and leave. Perhaps United Nations or some other international force will be introduced to maintain security in Iraq after the United States military departs, that way, we can blame others when the situation deteriorates into tribal infighting and chaos.

Today, we hear Secretary of State Colin Powell saying there will be “ups and downs in attitudes and feelings. We will remain long enough to make sure the Iraqi people have the opportunity to put in place a government that is democratic.”

This is doesn’t sound like a resounding commitment to a long term relationship with our new found friends.

I see it coming. I hope I’m wrong.

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