Thanksgiving Dinner

The wife wanted to go someplace different this year.

She made reservations at the Bay View Restaurant in Bodega Bay. This was one of those Thanksgiving deals where they have a special menu and require advance reservations.

We were seated right on time at a table near the front window. Nice.

Once at the table, however, we waited quite a while for our server to show up.

The first real problem arose when our server asked what we wanted to drink. My wife wanted decaf coffee, I asked for ice tea.

The coffee showed up the ice tea didn’t.

Next, my wife wanted to try the Caesar salad, but doesn’t like the fishy taste of anchovies. Our server told us that the salad was already made up and she couldn’t take the anchovies out.

Fair enough. So we both ordered shrimp cocktails.

While awaiting our shrimp cocktails, I noticed that we had bread plates and butter knives but no bread had been brought to our table.

Since I couldn’t find our server, I got up and asked the host who sat us about the situation. He said me they ran out of bread.

This seemed odd as the restaurant called us to confirm our reservation, so they should have had a pretty good idea of how many dinners they were going to be serving.

So, alright, no bread and no ice tea.

The shrimp cocktail was a disappointment – it consisted of four jumbo shrimp resting on some soggy greens centered on a small plate with a minuscule drop of cocktail sauce placed by each shrimp. On the bright side, it did come with a lemon wedge.

Still looking for something to drink other than water, I asked the lady who, for some reason, was swapping the knives on our table for what looked like steak knives, if I could get some ice tea.

Steak was not on the menu.

She promptly brought the ice tea and, for reasons unknown, a second sugar bowl. The tea was good – it seemed to be freshly brewed, but since there was almost no ice in the ice tea it remained warm.

There was almost no ice in our water glasses, so that route was out. Warm ice tea.

When my wife’s turkey dinner came, it was immediately apparent that the turkey was from one of those round, processed turkey loafs. It was piled up on the plate with several round slices covering the dressing. The dressing was just slightly warm. We tried to find our server, but she was nowhere to be found.

About 3/4 of the way through dinner our server showed up with a basket of warm, sliced bread.

I had halibut. It wasn’t bad, but the rest of the dining experience put me off.

It seemed like we waited for about a half hour for our server to show up again. Interestingly, when we told her we were finished, she showed up within minutes with the check.

My wife got a piece of pumpkin pie to go. When she opened the container at home, she found a little tiny wedge of pie with whipped cream smeared all over the inside of the container.

I related our experience to the host when we left.

He said he was sorry.

Dinner was about seventy bucks.

It was awful. But your experience may be different.

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