The Seaweed Cafe

It was raining pretty hard in Bodega Bay. Seemed like a good day to try a new restaurant. The wife and a friend took off for the Seaweed Cafe for lunch today.

The friend had called earlier in the week to make a reservation but was told that she would only need reservations for lunch if she was bringing a large party. The lady at the cafe was friendly and said she was looking forward to seeing the two of them for lunch at noon on Saturday.

They arrived at noon and found the co-owner sweeping up outside of the cafe. When they tried to go in the co-owner told them the cafe was closed for a private party.

This was upsetting, to say the least. The wife and her friend told the co-owner that they called earlier in the week and tried to make a reservation for lunch and were told that no reservations were required and certainly were not told that the place was going to be closed for a private party.

The co-owner said she was sorry, but that the place was closed. She went on to say that had they arrived at noon there wouldn’t have been a problem. My wife and her friend looked at their watches and said, “But it IS noon and we are here.” Their punctuality apparently did not impress the co-owner because the place remained closed to them.

They ended up at Lucas Wharf where you will not find “Duck Prociutto with Figs and Pomegranate” on the menu, but they will let you in the restaurant.

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