What Happened to Our Airwaves?

Did you ever wonder how we lost the concept of the airwaves belonging to the people? We now consider the frequency frequency spectrum to be government controlled property to be sold to the highest bidder much like we treat real estate or cattle and sheep.

A 1964 article written by Ayn Rand suggests that we lost our airwaves a long time ago, and not though one of those socialistic, New Deal programs, as you may have thought.

Update: It appears that the link to the 1964 Ayn Rand article has been pulled by the libertarian group so they can sell it.  The article was originally published in the Objectivist Newsletter 3 no.4 (April 1964)

The Progress and Freedom Foundation is apparently selling the article in a collection of Ayn Rand works titled from Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (1964) by the Progress & Freedom Foundation, March 1996, although I may be incorrect about this.

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