Peggy Sue’s 1950’s Diner

On our way back from Las Vegas, we stopped to try Peggy Sue’s 1950’s Diner.

I’ve seen the signs along I-15 for years, and Huell Howser visited the place some time ago, so I thought we’d give it a try.


It was not a good experience. The place is filthy. The window next to our booth was covered with spots of food, dust, and insects. The mini blinds were covered with dirt. The walls were dirty and dusty. We both had hamburgers. They were not too bad, but the fries were tasteless and bland. The toilet in the women’s restroom didn’t flush, and the men’s restroom was very dirty.

On the positive side, I took the below photographs from the parking lot. Peggy Sue’s is across the street from the USMC Logistics Base.


Bradley Fighting Vehicles loaded up at Barstow, California.


M1A2 Tanks loaded up at Barstow, California.


One of the trailers outside of Peggy Sue’s 1950’s Diner

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2 Responses to “Peggy Sue’s 1950’s Diner”

  1. marc connolly Says:

    we thought the place was very nice and typical american 1950’s and the service was outstanding and people say it was bad but why was there so many truckers and trucks in the diner and in the car park . and this from english visitors

  2. marc connolly Says:

    there were some idiots that said the place was dirty and no good but like i said there idiots the place was immaculate and atmospheric and the service there was brilliant so any-one who putsdown this place are stupid.

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