Plans for Iraq Reconstruction on Hold

It’s odd that a substantial majority of Americans seem to think that things are going well in Iraq, while in reality, the administration redefines the mission, cuts back their plans for the rebuilding of the economic and security infrastructure of Iraq, is having to reorganize the entire United States military establishment in order to deploy enough troops to the area, and are generally setting up the scene to split from the country without cleaning up any significant portion of the mess we made of the country either from the sanctions or the war.

It doesn’t take a great deal of insight to recall that just as all manner of ethnic and religious turmoil broke loose in the old Soviet Union after that regime collapsed – in a similar fashion, the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussain kept a lid on religious and ethic tensions in Iraq.

A number of the things that need to be done in Iraq probably cannot be done by the Iraqis without an outside force to stop or mediate the internal fighting and feuding among various Iraqi factions.

As I observed in a previous post, it took us something like 12 years to get a constitution, and we didn’t have people blowing things up around us while we were writing.

The administration is clearly driven by domestic electoral political concerns, and is headed down a path that is going to cause huge problems down the road in Iraq. What is so sad about this is that since the Democrats seem determined to put up a goofy candidate that can’t win against Bush, none of this additional pain we are about to inflict on the Iraqis, is really necessary.

This piece from the Washington Post, seems to indicate that there is a bleak future ahead for Iraq.

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