North Coast Rainy Day Story

The wife had a routine doctor’s appointment today in Sebastopol. Since it was raining along the North Coast, we left early.

Good thing we did.

The first thing we encountered was flooding along State Highway 1 about 100 yards from where we get onto the road to Sebastopol.

The first alternative route is Bay Hill Road, about 3 miles North up Highway 1. We got partway up Bay Hill Road and a guy in one of the cars coming back down the hill told us that there was a mud slide up ahead. He said it was passable, but somebody tried to go though and got stick, and now the road is completely bocked.

The next alternative route is Coleman Valley Road, further up the coast highway. So off we went up Highway 1 to Coleman Valley Road where we turned inland. Coleman Valley Road winds though the coastal hills, open cattle range, and redwoods until it intersects Joy Road, near Occidental. We finally got back to Bodega Highway – about 7 miles from our original starting point by taking this 40 minute detour.

We were smoking along Bodega Highway until we ran into this stream flowing across the road.


We were almost into Sebastopol when we ran into this.


Here’s what happens when you don’t stay in the center of the road when driving though water.


Surprisingly, we were only 5 minutes late for the doctor appointment.

And everything turned out to be fine with the wife.

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