Building a Bridge on the Bay

For those how may have missed it, here is the SF Gate piece about the construction and design of the bridge that will replace the truss and cantilever section of the Bay Bridge.  They say this is cutting edge stuff.  One of the issues with the current 1936 era bridge is that it’s sitting on wooden piles that were not driven down to bedrock.

My father was a civil engineer and worked for the Bridge Department of what was then the California Division of Highways. I have no understanding of the complexities of bridge design. I once built a 3-4 foot model of the Carquinez bridge, another truss and cantilever design, out of toothpicks from a plan that my father brought home, but that is just about  the extent of my experience with High Steel.

Although our knowledge of such things is still incomplete, imagine the progress in design and construction techniques, materials, computer modeling, and our understanding of earthquake behavior that have taken place since 1936.

This should be a very cool looking bridge.


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