Another Vietnam

Things are moving along nicely in the Bush regime’s plan to make Iraq another Vietnam.

Another Vietnam, not in the sense of a long drawn out war, but in the sense of another American cut and run operation.

You may recall that after over 50,000 casualties, countless other wounded, and hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese dead and maimed, we turned over millions and millions of dollars of equipment and bases to the ARVN, who were never in much of shape to defend themselves against the North, and then pretty much exited the country.

Back then when Nixon was President, we called it – Vietnamization.

The county then collapsed. And we are still paying for that war at home and abroad.

We seem to have a long history of doing this sort of thing. In spite of constant assertions to the contrary, we are not a peaceful nation. Everybody seems to know this except us.

The commies are largely gone, so we needed a new enemy.

The new enemy is apparently bad guys and terrorism.

So, we’ve invaded another country because we didn’t like the way they were running things. We got rid of an admittedly bad guy, and are going to replace him with what?

We don’t seem to know. But now, under another Republican President, we call it Iraqi-ization. And we are moving ahead in a positive manner.

We know we don’t want a Muslim country to base their legal system on Islamic law. It just isn’t the American way.

As you know, they hate us because they are jealous of the American Way.

Their dislike for us has nothing to do with things like denying an entire country the right to chose their own set of governing principles and religious choices.

We don’t like what Islamic law has to say about women.

I wonder what Islamic law says about abortions? What about same sex marriage?

Maybe Islam has more in common with the Republican party than we first thought.

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