Home Land Security and Organized Crime

Here’s a story about how a United States Navy cruiser, the USS Thomas Gates along with a Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment 101, boarded the cruise ship Celebrity Summit in the Caribbean Sea at about 4:30 in the morning and seized Jose Miguel Battle, a suspected Florida based organized crime boss.

One has to wonder if this really is the best use of a $1 billion guided missile crusier. The US Navy has been tasking it’s surface combat units, submarines, and surveillance aircraft for anti-drug operations for some time now, partly to give them a mission to justify their continued existence, but there’s a situation where these assets are being used, not for an anti-terriorist operation or drug surveillance, but for what looks to be a domestic law enforcement snatch operation – in international waters – from a foreign flagged ship. With the repressive trends of the current regime, this is bizarre and unsettling.

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