A M109 In Every Garage

Is this right?

Isn’t that a M109 a SP Howtizer?

Should SP artillery be drving around city streets or be parked in intersections?

There are seven basic tasks for field artillery in FM 6-20-1, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures forthe Field Artillery Cannon Battalion, but I don’t see driving around on city streets supporting urban warfare as one of them. Maybe there’s another reference in another FM about using them in this manner.

Don’t these things shot at targets some like 30,000 meters out?


Another picture shows what looks like a M109 following infantry on a city street. In both pictures, the gun tube appears to be secured in the traveling postion. Doesn’t this weapon have to be setup in a stationary position to fire?

Isn’t supporting infantry and acting as a “taxi” what a M113 is for?

Exactly what’s going on here?

My first thought is that they don’t have the appropriate armor to do the job they are assigned.

But, I spent my time in the Navy, so I’m woefully ignorant about these things.

Maybe someone can comment on this?

One Response to “A M109 In Every Garage”

  1. Swiss Artillery Officer Says:

    The M109 can be used for line of sight targets, but to try to shoot down modern tanks is senseless. We are considering it as an antiquated method. Concerning the warfare in this particular situation, I can say, that it is difficult to use the main armament in a city, remember the m109 fires shells of a caliber of 155 millimeters. The blast and the shrapnells of it require a minimum distance of engagement, moreover it can only be used stationarily. Therefore the gun is locked during movement. The secondary weapon, the 12,7 Millimeter AA machine gun M2HB is a useful weapon, although the gunner is lacking protection.
    The armour is only protecting against, artillery shells and small arms fire I hope the crews have not to face an enemy equipped with anti-tank weapons or guns with a caliber higher 7.5 millimeters. All in all this seems to be a somehow improvised engagement of Your field artillery. The whole situation is symptomatic for the lack of troops and equipment… Thanks to Rumsfeld.

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