The Answer to LAPD’s Problems

Some of you may have been following LAPD’s newly discovered and disturbing practice of beating the living daylights out of suspects with their Mag-Lites.

In case you didn’t know, Mag-Lites are metal flashlights that just happpen to fit into a baton holder and come in a variety of sizes. They are manufactured by Mag Instrument in Ontario, California.

These things have been used as weapons for years by police and private security guards. There is even an outfit that makes a “side handle” for the Mag-Lite. A search of the web will reveal dozens of references to these flashlights being used as weapons.

So, what to do?

Sometimes we have to take a trip into the past to find answers.

On a recent visit to the year 1933, The NC found that Popular Mechanics Magazine may have the perfect solution to LAPD’s latest problem.


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