What Does it Take?

They rape the environment, take away our civil liberties, they lie to us about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they tell us that after 9-11 we must allow our constitutional rights to be trampled so we can be safe, they make shady deals regarding the nation’s energy policy, their handling of the Iraq war is a total debacle, and if the truth be known, the situation in Afghanistan is a mess.

They control most of the branches of government, so they’ve weakened our system of checks and balances, but still feel it necessary to introduce bills with deceiving names, like the “Healthy Forest Act” that will allow more logging, the “Clear Skies Act”that will allow more pollution.

They’ve basically pissed off the entire world, and made it unsafe for Americans to travel overseas. They’ve pulled out of treaties and agreements that we’ve been working on for years.

The economy is in shambles, more people are now at the poverty level than three years ago, and more people are uninsured. Their extreme social policies are, thankfully, being challenged by the courts, and they cut funds for schools, police, and fire, but tell everybody that they are making America stronger.

They tell everybody that they don’t have anything to do with sleazy political groups, like the “Swift Boat Veterans’s for the Truth,” who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the ass, but then we find that a Bush campaign attorney was advising the group.

And the polls show the election is a dead tie?

Are there really that many idiots out there?

Didn’t we get these guys because Clinton lied about sex and Al Gore told everybody he invented the internet?

Now, Kerry and the Democrats aren’t perfect, but you don’t have to come even close to perfect to be an attractive alternative to this unbelievable cast of sleazy characters now in power.

But in the mendacity department, the Bushies are WAY ahead – pardon the term – of the Democrats.

What does it take to get people to wake up?

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