Home Land Security Agents Arrest Rubik’s Cube Impersonator

The AP reports that the owner of Pufferbelly Toys in a small Oregon town was recently visited by agents from the DHS who ordered her to remove a toy called the “Magic Cube” from her store shelves.

Was the “Magic Cube” part of some sort of fiendish terrorist plot?

Not really.

Were the makers of the “Magic Cube” somehow using the money from the sales of these cubes of evil to further their terrorist activities?


The DHS was enforcing a trademark infringement complaint.

And, it seems they were doing it about as well as they are checking our luggage – since it turned out that the patent on Rubik’s Cube had been allowed to expire by the Toysmith Group and so the “Magic Cube” wasn’t infringing on anybody’s trademark.

The only infringing going on here was the DHS infringing on a poor toy seller’s civil rights.


The story here.


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