Fallujah’s Imaginary Victory Phase II

"There’s a good deal more to be done," said U.S. Defence Secretary
Donald Rumsfeld at a news conference Monday. "Success in Fallujah will
deal a blow to the terrorists in the region."


"Gen. Myers, speaking on NBC’s "Today" show, called the offensive "very, very successful.

"But he acknowledged that guerrillas will move their fight. "If anybody thinks
that Fallujah is going to be the end of the insurgency in Iraq, that was never the objective, never our intention, and even never our hope."


"Retaking Fallujah is vital to preventing insurgents from blocking
Iraq’s Sunni minority from voting, Iraqi and U.S. officials have said."


"BAGHDAD, IRAQ – In the first major political backlash over the assault
on Fallujah, the country’s most prominent Sunni political party said
Tuesday that it was withdrawing from the interim Iraqi government,
while the leading group of Sunni clerics called for Iraqis to boycott
the nationwide elections scheduled for early next year."


And, as in past wars, our liberation efforts have a few unfortunate side effects.



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