Amazing Republican Voting Tricks

Those wacky Republicans are up to their old tricks again – this time in the opposite corner of the country,  Washington state.

It seems that their candidate for governor is leading by 50 or so  votes and election workers found a bunch of  ballots from heavily Democratic King County that had never been counted.

So, naturally, the democratic process loving Republicans went to court and found a judge who’s power of logical thought might leave something to be desired.

From Pierce County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Arend’s voter’s pamphlet personal statement:

"Hard work and fairness are the two values that have guided my professional career. I am committed to making our justice system work for law-abiding citizens."

Note that she doesn’t say anything about making common sense rulings.

As I understand her logic in this matter – If during a recount of votes, ballots are discovered that were not processed during the first count, the newly discovered votes cannot be counted because a recount is only for votes originally cast.

Of course, the whole idea of an expensive and time-consuming recount is to find mistakes in the voting counting process, and if ballots are found that were never counted at all, such a discovery would rank up there as one of the major kind of errors that a recount is supposed to uncover.

The Republicans just can’t seem to grasp the concept that ALL the votes need to be counted.

There’s still a possibility that  this latest Republican injustice may be reversed as the Democrats  and the King County Elections Director plan to appeal the judge’s decision.

More details here.

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