Help Is On The Way

Nearly six hours after the event, we are all standing by here awaiting the President’s offer of assistance to the thousands of victims of the largest recorded earthquake since 1900. Much of the damage was done by the resulting tsunami. 

Indonesia is a Muslim country, but I’m sure that Fearless Leader’s silence doesn’t have anything to do with that.

He’s probably just "collecting his thoughts," or trying to find out exactly  where Sumatra is, and if they are Red or Blue, or maybe he’s finishing up reading "My Pet Goat."

Update: An AP story posted Sunday, December 26, 2004 Posted: 7:03 PM EST (0003 GMT) says that Fearless Leader sends his condolences to the earthquake victims and the U.S. will begin earthquake relief efforts. 

Just a reminder, the earthquake occurred at  00:58:50 GMT.

The trend is going in the wrong direction here.  On 9/11, he only sat around doing nothing for about seven minutes…

State Department spokesman Noel Clay said two Americans were killed in Sri Lanka and one in Thailand. He said a number of other Americans were injured, but he had no details. The three Americans were not further identified. We’re working out on ways to help. The United States will be very responsive," said Clay. He had no details on plans for relief and assistance.

Gee, no plan? 


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