Woman Finds Moral Compass At Canadian Massage School

A Canadian woman, 31 year old Andrea Constand, has accused 67 year old  Bill Cosby of drugging her and sexually assaulting her a year ago. 

In April of last year Constand left her basketball position to return to Canada and live with her parents while she studied at a local college to become a registered massage therapist.

Her parents said that Constand decided to come forward and report the assault now after "… starting to understand that when you violate a person it’s not right."

Asked why their daughter has only now gone to the police, one year later, her dad said he believes it has to do with her massage training.

Constand’s moral compass was apparently reoriented by her Canadian massage education and now points to the notion that getting drugged by a major television celebrity who is twice her age and having her breasts fondled is not appropriate behavior.

Constand met Cosby about three years ago when she became the head of the women’s basketball program at Temple University. Cosby graduated from Temple and is a supporter of the school.

It is not known if Constand is a French Canadian, which would explain a lot.

The story is here.

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