Another Annoying Web Advertisement has come up with a novel and annoying way to push advertisements on their readers.

On a single page story about the Spirit Mars Rover, there are three highlighted words that link to product websites.  Note the word "camera" in the photo caption is linked to a Dell website about digital cameras.

Another example, below is a paragraph about a dust storm covering the Mars Viking Lander.  The word, "Vicking" takes you to a website about Viking Office Products.

In addition to Pathfinder’s run-in with a dust devil, previous missions
to Mars have run into very dusty days. For instance, there was a dust
storm covering the Viking
Lander I (VL-1) site on Martian day (1742) or sol 1742 (1 Martian
year=669 Earth days). In 1971, Mariner 9 and 2 USSR missions all
arrived during a dust storm.

The odd thing is these products don’t seem to be contextually linked to the subject matter presented, and they don’t seem to be focused on stuff that one would expect a typical SpaceDaily reader to care about.

Let’s hope this doesn’t catch on and infect other websites.

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