NAS Alameda

Here’s what the City of Alameda says about one of the largest grouping of Deco Art buildings in the San Francisco Bay area:

As part of base closure, the Navy determined, and the California State Historic Preservation Officer
concurred, that the historic "core" of NAS Alameda was a significant historic resource eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. As such, it is eligible for protections under the National
Historic Preservation Act. The City has designated this area as an historic district and as a City Historic Monument. Exterior alterations to historic monuments must be reviewed for approval by the City’s
Historic Advisory Board. In addition, the Historic Advisory Board must make specific findings about the economic infeasibility of rehabilitation before approving an application to demolish an historic
resource. The Historic District covers a significant portion of the area to be transferred to the City. Any development within the District needs to be done in compliance with protecting the historic resources
on the site, or the City must prepare an Environmental Impact Report assessing the adverse environmental impacts and make findings of overriding consideration before affecting the resource. The City has an aggressive adaptive reuse program on Alameda Point that provides for the rehabilitation of historic structures consistent with the standards promulgated by the US Secretary of the Interior. The City will continue
to reuse historic structures where appropriate and require that new development be sensitive to the historic district on Alameda Point. The standards for rehabilitation of historic structures promulgated by the US Secretary of the Interior are beyond the control of the City of Alameda. However, it is not anticipated that the existence of the Historic District or individual contributing historic structures will
significantly impede the City’s ability to achieve its RHND allocation goals.

That’s because A statement of overring consideration is what the landowner files when they want to demolish, destroy or alter a structure that has been listed on the National Register or has other protective status.

This is just an other example of how your government’s unending search for revenue is destroying our national history. 

NAS Alameda General Mess Entrance


NAS Alameda Enlisted Barracks Detail

Take a good look at these incredible Deco Buildings because they are another example of Things that Won’t Be Around For Long.

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