POD People Take over PBS

The takeover of America continues.

The brain-dead zombies have now invaded the Public Broadcasting System in spite of a public opinion poll that indicates overwhelming support for NPR and PBS.

No more pictures of naked women on the Antiques Road Show

The poll, however, doesn’t fit into the religious/political agenda of the body snatchers, so they’ve pretty much buried it in the old familiar pattern of of this administration of withholding,  lying. misrepresenting, or simply trashing information that doesn’t support their somewhat bizarre way of expressing their deeply twisted idea of what it means to be a christian.

It’s going to take years to undo the damage these idiots have inflicted on our country.  It’s been said that the American people are slow to get worked up about things, but sooner or later they will finally wake up from their long sleep and come to their senses.

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