Harry Reid, Democratic Wimp

What a debacle.

Democratic Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D) Nevada, called the president a "loser" and then called Carl Rove to apologize.

We’re really doomed here. Talk about a girly-man. If one is going to say stuff like that, one should at least have the backbone to not look like total idiot and insignificant wimp by apologizing.

And if one is so spineless as to feel the need to apologize, it would be a really good idea to apologize to the person who whom you have directed your remarks, not Carl Rove, for crying out loud.

This is pathetic.

The Democratic party is going nowhere if they continue to look like the party of weaklings and wafflers.

The Democrats need to understand that one element of AWOL’s popularity is that even though he says and does things that are beyond stupid, he is perceived by the average but ill informed Joe voter as a strong, decisive leader.

Wrong, but strong and, decisive.

The Democrats need to get with the BuschCo way of presenting issues and start stating issues and their positions on issues in stark, black and white terms.

I know this is difficult, given all of the various diverse elements in the party. But that average voter really isn’t interested in discussing an issue from from 57 different points of view. They don’t give a rats ass how all of the other affinity (Read – Special Interest Groups) groups that make up the party are going to be affected by a particular issue.

They do not see this sort of thing as a debate on the issues, they see it as weakness and  indecisiveness.

Basically, they don’t care about anybody but themselves.

The Democrats need to start finding ways to tap this unfortunate fact, or they are going to be outside looking in for years to come.

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