BRAC and Veterans

According to figures from the Veteran’s Administration, there are some 26,000,000 veterans in the United States.  Military retirees and their surviving spouses are authorized to use medical facilities, pharmacies, BX/PX facilities, and commissary facilities on active military bases.

Each time a military base or post is closed that is used by retirees it reduces these veteran’s benefits.

When one of these facilities close or are combined with other facilities veterans have to travel further to obtain these benefits.  Sometimes nearest military base left is too far way to be practical to use, especially if the retiree or veteran has a disability.

The number of veterans from past wars, is of course declining, but since under the current administration, we apparently are going to be in a permanent state of war, we are creating new veterans everyday.

If you take a look at how the BRAC process works, you’ll find that there are all sorts of environmental and economic issues addressed in the process of closing a military facility, but what about the people?

Is there a provision in the BRAC procedure to take into account the impact on veterans when these bases are being closed? 

Shouldn’t there be a provision in the BRAC process to turn a portion of a former military base into a veterans service center to make up for these lost benefits?

Just a thought on this Memorial Day, 2005.

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