Rings in Air & Space

Hole In The Head Press is pleased to report that Rings of Supersonic Steel has been mentioned as a source for a story about the Nike Missile System in the July 2005 issue of the Smithsonian’s Air & Space Magazine.

Be sure to check out the story, Ring of Fire, by James R. Chiles in
the July 2005 issue.  Frank Evans, President of the Los Angeles Air
Defense Museum Association is prominently mentioned in the piece.

Unfortunately, coinciding with the release of this story, the Los
Angeles Air Defense Museum Association has voluntarily decided to fold
up shop after a frustrating half decade of trying to convince the Los
Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks and the local
politicians in San Pedro, California that the White Point Nike Site
Historic District should be opened to the public rather than

We gave it a good run, spent thousands of dollars out of our own
pockets, attended endless unproductive meetings with brain dead
bureaucrats, wrote reports and letters, made telephone calls and tried
to gain support for our cause but were ultimately defeated by angry,
self-centered local area homeowners, who don’t want to share their 100
plus acre public park with anybody outside of their local community.

If this sounds bitter, I really don’t mean it to be. That’s just the
way it is. Very few communities are interested in preserving military
sites.  Homeowners around parks don’t want "outsiders" coming into
their community, with the traffic and other problems that they believe
visitors will cause.

So, if you want to see mechanically operational Cold War Missile
Site you can take a trip to San Francisco, Sandy Hook, New Jersey or
Lorton, Virginia. 

But please, keep away from San Pedro, California.  They don’t want you there.


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