San Francisco and the Battleship


Battleship searchlights light up the San Francisco sky

"The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday rejected efforts
to bring the battleship Iowa to the waterfront as a museum, saying the peace-
loving city is no place for a warship."


What a crock.

San Francisco was a Navy town for years and years.

Even before Pearl Harbor, the Navy invested over a billion dollars in the Bay Area, the shipyards, supply depots, oil storage and fuel depots, aircraft repair facilities, training centers, naval air facilities, troop transportation depots, harbor defenses and replacement centers made the San Francisco Bay Area one of the largest concentrations of military facilities on the West Coast.

The military pumped billions of dollars into the region and contributed to the urbanization of the entire region.

But today, we have a few intolerant, vindictive, immature individuals with no sense of history who have their nickers in a twist over the way gays and lesbians are being treated in today’s military. These children masqurading as adults, are using their political agenda to prevent an estimated half million visitors to San Francisco from experiencing the opportunity to visit a World War II battleship.

There are good reasons to carefully look at bringing a ship of this size and complexity to the waterfront as a museum. The USS Hornet at Alameda is in serious, perhaps fatal, financial difficultly. The entire fleet at the Maritime Museum is in awful shape with little hope of getting the funds required to turn things around. The battleship Alabama is not is good shape, and the battleship Texas needs extensive repairs.  From a business point of view, there may be a big problem sustaining a long term museum on the Iowa given the enormous maintenance involved in keeping up a 888 foot, 45,000 ton ship.

But, poor treatment of gays and lesbians in the military isn’t even remotely related to establishing a battleship museum on the San Francisco waterfront. I seriously doubt that a single gay or lesbian currently on active duty will be better treated because the San Francisco Board of Supervisors refuses to allow the Iowa to come to the City.

In fact, because this is so off the wall, I could see where some, especially in the Navy, could become the subject of harrasment because of the Supervisor’s stupid actions.

It’s  disheartening to see these supposed "liberals" behaving with as much intolerance and vindictiveness as the idiots on the right.

From the San Francisco Chronicle.

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