Katrina and the Demise of the GOP

There are a bunch of bloggers and others who are busy writing off the GOP after the administration’s pathetic performance after hurricane Katrina.

Not so fast there.

Before we all start hyperventilating about the collapse of the GOP because of hurricane Katrina, let’s not forget a few things.

The body snatchers have the House and Senate locked up. They have their man the White House.  They’ve effectively neutralized the officer corps in the Pentagon and have appointed hundreds, if not thousands of their brain dead cronies to controlling positions at all levels of the Federal government.  They’re beavering away as you read this figuring out new ways to turn things that we have always looked to government to do over to their big business cronies. They’ve even proposed charging you to get weather information!

The Zombies have the judiciary locked up. They’ve appointed hundreds of right wing, big business friendly, consumer unfriendly judges to the Federal courts, and are about to appoint a couple of wingers to the Supremes.

They control the Federal Communications Commission, and a huge portion of the electronic media as well as the written media, and have their blabbermouth shills on the radio and television 24 hours a day seven days a week.

They have starved and cut funding for essential government services and continue to pile up debt that will take generations to pay back.

They are well on their way to completing the zombization of America. They’ve taken advantage of and helped bring about the downward spiral in the level of education, intelligence, comprehension and independent thinking in United States. Their attitude toward minorities and the poor is pretty well summed up by the things they said and didn’t’t do in New Orleans. 

This once great country, where an informed public is supposed to be in control of their government, is fast sinking into a mass of quivering ignorance and apathetic compliance to our own demise.

Then, there is the huge problem that the Democrats don’t seem to have anybody in their ranks with  the capacity to to stand out, inspire and lead the country out of our current nightmare. 

The Roberts hearings revealed that many of the leading Democrats are a bunch of self-aggrandizing windbags with motivational skills pretty much limited to getting people to hit the mute button on their television remote controls.

So the danger isn’t over. The invasion of the body snatchers is still going on.  Katrina wasn’t’t the stake in the heart of the beast that many are so hoping for. Don’t underestimate the power of Karl Rove and Company to manipulate and continue to appeal to an increasingly ignorant and divided America.

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