The 700 Man Iraqi Army

They’ve really outdone themselves this time.

This is going to make the $100 million in wasted ice for hurricane Katrina victims look like chump change.

After several years and some 2 billion dollars, we have exactly 700 trained troops to show for our efforts.

There are about 194,000 US-trained Iraqi forces, including police,
soldiers, and border patrol, according to Pentagon figures.

Here, Iraqi troops are being trained in combat pallet loading.


And were disqualified!

If these guys have trouble loading boxes, what does that say about their ability in a combat situation?

But wait, we now find that out of that 194,000, there are really only about 700 who are considered to be combat ready.

That’s right, a battalion is made up of about 700 men.

Some may say 725, some may say 750, but what percent of 194,000 is 750?

And that 194,000? In the past, some units have a 50% AWOL rate.

Then, the State Department has slightly different figures. Note that their figures don’t include AWOL rates. Wonder exactly what those rates might be?


Could this have something to do with Rummy’s evasive answers?

Bush says he’s pleased with our progress….

At least 1 billion dollars that was supposed to equip and train the new Iraqi army has gone missing. Some of the armored cars purchased have been defective, some of the helicopters purchased from Poland have had so many hours on them that they should have been scrapped decades ago, some of the AK-47’s turned out to be Egyptian copies that are worth only a fraction of what was paid for them, and so it goes.

It’s time for someone to get another medal.

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