Did Cheney have the Need to Know?

"It would not be illegal for either Mr. Cheney or Mr. Libby, both of
whom are presumably cleared to know the government’s deepest secrets,
to discuss a C.I.A. officer or her link to a critic of the

So says an article in the New York Times.

Many years ago, when I was in the Navy, I had a Superduper, Double Top Secret  Is’nt That Special security clearance, and unless things have changed, information that is classified is often restricted
in its dissemination based on the "need to know." In order to have
access to classified information in the U.S. government, one must have
both the proper degree of classified clearance as well as a need to
know the information
. Having a "top-secret" clearance does not give one
access to all documents classified at that level.

So the question is, did the VP have the "need to know" about  Valerie Wilson’s status at the Agency? 


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