Let’s Find Some Backbone

It’s good news is that republicans are polling poorly almost everywhere you look. They appear to be weak, incompetent, and corrupt.

It isn’t such good news for the country however. While we’re all reveling in the poll results, the country is falling apart, our image abroad is in the dumpster, and there are literally thousands of expensive and complex issues that are getting worse and more expensive to fix the longer they go unaddressed. It’s going to take decades and billions of dollars to reverse the damage done by this administration.

While it seems to be more and more obvious to most people that the current administration has an agenda that doesn’t include them, it’s equally clear that the democrats have not presented an attractive alternative or an individual with any charisma, or alluring new vision that will take the county in a new and positive direction.

“I’m a democrat and you’re not” isn’t going to take back congress or win the White House no matter what the polls say about the importance of the current scandal.

The democrats need to find some backbone and counter the current administration with new ideas.  If the American people could be sold on these current losers, it shouldn’t be so difficult to sell them on some really good ideas on how to get out of this mess.


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