Egypt Gets Out of Line

nce again, the attempt by the serial screw ups in the Bush administration to force our values and corporate culture on another region of the world have run into a brick wall. 

U.S.-backed summit meant to promote political freedom and economic change in the Middle East ended Saturday without agreement.

The White House had hoped the conference would showcase political progress in a part of the world long dominated by monarchies and single-party rule, and spread goodwill for the U.S.

American officials seemed startled that an ally, Egypt, threw up a roadblock.

This is a revealing look into the mindset of an administration that has no concept of diplomacy and international consensus and seems to think that they can bribe and coerce anybody to do anything.  When the bribes and threats fail to deliver, they are startled.


Egypt receives nearly $2 billion annually in U.S. aid, second only to Israel. The United States has been pimping foreign countries with our money for years. Our Egyptian Bitch must have momentarily forgotten that she was bought and paid for with that $2 billion.  Hope she doesn’t get slapped around too much.

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