They’re Going to Kill Us All

As the bird flu moves from country to country and the chance of the virus mutating into a form that will be easily transmitted from human to human grows greater and greater, our Republican, compassionate conservative, one party government is looking for a way to further screw the poor, elderly, and disadvantaged in order to pay for the basic task of protecting its citizens against this possible pandemic.

"Conservative Republicans in the House insisted that an emergency U.S. effort to stockpile vaccines and anti-viral drugs that could be effective against the deadly flu would have to be paid for by cutting other government programs." (Reuters)

It was the Democrats that pushed the legislation through the Senate last month.

And of course, Republicans hate Democrats, and are always looking for ways to screw with anybody who isn’t the CEO or a major corporation or who somehow makes a similar similar amount of money.

And the Republicans don’t much like the United Nations either, so they don’t pay much attention to the World Health Organization, while at the same time they refuse to fund any meaningful response by the United States acting alone to protect our citizens.

Apparently, we can go it alone in the international fight against terrorism, but not the international fight against disease.

Before we’re done, these people are going to kill us all.

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