Crabs are Coming

At 0600 this morning, the boats from Point Arena to Monterey County finally went out after the Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman and the processors agreed on a price of $1.75 a pound. This year, the crab fisherman revolted and for two weeks refused to go fishing.

One of the problems is caused by Pacific Seafood Group, a Portland-based company that is an oppressive force over the West Coast’s seafood industry. Their web site says they are a. “a family owned, vertically integrated seafood company.” At one point, PSG offered the crab fisherman $1.25 a pound. Some say that PSG is the “Wal-Mart of the Seas.” They dictate prices and drive smaller sea food processors out of business.

Pacific Seafood Group states on their web site, “”Being the largest has never been the goal of the
Pacific Seafood Group, but being the best is our goal.” They then say, “The expansion of Pacific has been swift over the past decade as new markets and processing facilities have opened up. Since 1983 Pacific Seafood Group has expanded from one processing and one distribution facility to over 20 operating units.”

The season in Northern California north of Point Arena, Oregon and Washington have been delayed until December 15th to allow the crabs to fully develop.


Crab Pots at Humbolt Bay

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