Google Print Problems

One of the ideas of Google Print is to match up outfits that have stuff to sell with people who want to buy stuff by placing advertisements that will appeal to the customers that have found your title. 

My title is Rings of Supersonic Steel.  It’s a book about the Cold War and the U.S. Army Air Defenses.  It’s about nuclear missiles.  It’s very cool, and just about the only book of it’s type on the market.  You should really get one.

Here are some of the advertisers that Google thinks are appropriate to put along side my military history book.

Jewelry at Blue Nile  Shop Forbes Favorite Online Jeweler Free FedEx 2Day for the Holidays

Damascus Rings  Unique Stainless Damascus Rings w/ Gold & Platinum. Custom Available.

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry  Shop the Official Tiffany & Co. site for exclusive Tiffany jewelry.

Iron Ring  Find Iron Ring Info, Products, & More!

Stainless Steel Jewelry  Over 2000 jewelry items on sale steel bracelets & gold jewelry

Italian Jewelry – Gioie  25.000+ Styles, Lifetime Guarantee, 60 Days Money Back, Free Insurance

Find your Diamond Steel here. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Steel & Titanium Jewelry  Men’s Stylish, Steel & Titanium Bracelets, Necklaces & Rings.

Jewellery  Diamond Bracelet, rings, Earings. Low Price, Free Return & Shipping!

At least I’m in good company with Tiffany & Co.

Google’s computerized algorithms obviously are not making appropriate matches.  I guess these companies are paying for these misplaced advertisements.  Bummer.

Another aspect of Google Print that bothers some publishers is that a person can copy much of the book off the Google Print website without paying for the book.

Google claims that they have security in place to prevent this from happening.

You might want to look at the above page from my book that I copied from Google Print using a shareware screen print program.



There are definitely some issues here that need to be resolved.

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