No Huey’s for Iraq

A recent piece in Jane’s Defense Weekly indicates that the Iraqi Ministry of Defense has stopped the delivery of a package of 16 former Royal Jordanian Air Force UH-1 helicopters for the Iraqi Air Force because of "…difficulties with logistic support, including spare parts and a lack of technical expertise within."  In addition, there were questions about the performance of the aircraft in the hot conditions in Iraq.  The IQAF was said to be unhappy with the deal in part because they wanted their helicopters to have an offensive capability, and the Jordanian Hueys were unarmed.

In a related development, the IQAF has also declined the offer of 2 former RJAF C-130B medium transport aircraft that were to be refurbished by the Jordan Aeronautical Company.  The IQAF is leasing – yes, leasing 3 C-130E transports from the United States Air Force, and didn’t think it was a good idea to mix the older "B" models with the newer "E" models.

The Iraqi military was generally supplied with Russian aircraft, and these various schemes appear to be designed to lock the IQAF into American equipment, which will mean long term, contracts for spare parts, maintenance and upgrades.


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