Schieffer on Robertson

CBS "Evening News" host Bob Schieffer on Pat Robertson.

"I think we have to be very careful about quoting Robertson, because
I’m not sure who he represents anymore," he said. "His comments have
gone beyond interesting and into bizarre." The "Evening News," he
points out, has not covered Robertson’s recent comments. (Link)

It’s no wonder that there are so few competing opinions or new and exciting ideas expressed in the media.  Schieffer seems to be saying that for a person’s opinion to be meaningful, they must represent someone.

Now, I think we can all agree that Pat Robertson is obviously a total whack job, and should be treated as such, but what about the rest of us only semi-wack jobs who don’t represent or speak for an organization or group?

Why do you have to represent someone to have your voice heard?

The sheer numbers of us would seem to suggest that there might be a good idea or two lurking in the recesses of our collective consciousness.

Wasn’t the internet supposed unleash this awesome power for change and good things?   

I mean… what about my great idea about requiring a study on the impact of the closing of a military base on the surrounding veteran population, and making it mandatory that a portion of every  military base closed set aside a portion of the former base for a veteran’s service center?

But, then again,  I don’t represent anybody.


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