USS Pueblo Incident

Guam is where the Navy sent me and that was where I was on 23 Jan 1968, exactly 13880 days ago.

I was a technical controller at the Naval Security Group’s HFDF station at the Naval Communications Station, Finagayan, Guam.

Although we were primarily a very specialized high frequency radio direction finding operation, we were also a ship-to-shore communications center that allowed us to send sensitive information by special channels to certain pecially equipped Naval units afloat.

If you have Google Earth, check out all the closed HFDF stations around the world right here.

It was on the mid-watch that we got the word that the USS Pueblo was being attacked by North Korean naval forces.

As the watch-standing supervisor in Tech Control, I was asked to set up a path from the Naval Security Group Detachment at Kamisaya Japan to the NSG Hawaii, just in case the circuit from Kami and Hono went south.

In doing so, I could monitor what the ship was saying to Kamisaya, and recall the communicator on the Pueblo poking out on the teletype that the North Koreans were breaking into the Comm Center and he was going to have to sign off.

Later, I was stationed at a similar facility at Imperial Beach, and was involved in setting up special teletype circuits from Balboa Naval Hospital to NSA in order to send traffic concerning the debriefing of the USS Pueblo crew.

I was still in San Diego for the Navy’s kangaroo court martial of Commander Bucher for the loss of the Pueblo.  As usual, the high ranking military and civilians who made the decision that the Pueblo’s mission off the North Korean coast was low risk didn’t seem to suffer any consequences.

More stuff that happened a long time ago……

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