It’s Time to Wake Up


You may think the art work is in bad taste or not, but it’s the way things are going with this crowd.

They are now in total control.  But you don’t see it do you?   Every day is pretty much the same as the day before to you isn’t it?   Nothing that goes on in Washington really matters to you does it?

Well. think again.  You’ve elected and reelected a bunch of lying, world dominating, fear peddling, war mongering Fascist’s. They’ve ruined the country’s reputation in the world, they’ve ruined the country’s economy, they’re raping the environment, they’re attempting to roll back science to the dark ages, they want to dictate your religious practices, and they’re taking away your freedoms.

But you don’t see it do you?  What do you care about the Constitution?  You can still watch football, drink beer, and drive down to the local pool hall, and besides,they say they’re violating the law and taking away your rights to protect you against the terrorists, right?

Think about this for a minute.

We shouldn’t be unsympathetic toward the victims of the attack on the World Trade Center, and we shouldn’t minimize their terrible loss and the hardships they’ve suffered from the attack, but the fact of the matter is that the attack on 9/11 didn’t destroy the country’s economy or bring the country to a stand still.  It’s a tribute to the victims and their families that we are strong enough to survive such a hit and move on.

That’s worth repeating. The United States is strong enough to withstand an attack by a terrorist organization.

I’m sure there are many people who fear another attack, and another attack may well come, but the country survived the first one and we’ll get though the next one when and if it comes. The fact we haven’t had a second attack isn’t because of anything these idiots have done since 9/11.

What isn’t so good is our collective response to these attacks.  Every little town thinks their water tower is an Al-Quida target.  We have to get over this.  We are letting our fears run us and this crowd in control in Washington are more than happy to feed those fears as they lead us down the path to a totalitarian regime.

They’re using your fears to consolidate their power.  That’s what’s it’s all about for these people.  Power.  They now control everything.  They control all branches of government.

You really don’t want that.

Did you know that the Constitution has provisions for checks and balances?  That means that no branch of the government is stronger than the other.  It means that the Congress checks the power of the President and the President’s powers are checked by Congress.  It means that the courts can check the power of both the President and the Congress.

But these folks in power in Congress don’t care about the Constitution or separation of powers or checks and balances. In fact,they’ve changed the rules in Congress so that the minority party has almost no ability to be any kind of meaningful check on the majority. They’ve put people on the courts who agree with their world view.

That’s they way they want it. They want total power.  They want single party rule.

But when one political party, either party, for that matter, controls all branches of government, we have the beginnings of a dictatorship.

I’m not sure about this, but I don’t think the founding fathers thought about the situation where one political party would control every single branch of government.

Another brake on a creeping dictatorship under our system of government is that, under normal circumstances, the government bureaucrats, the civil servants, just keep rolling along no matter who’s in the White House. This gives a certain amount of continuity to things no matter who’s in power in the White House.

Well, we’ve also lost that check on these guys because they’ve gone deeper than any administration in recent history in purging the governmental bureaucracy of those who are not of the right mindset.  There have been wholesale purges of the CIA, State Department, and even the National Park Service has to consider religious matters in park programs. They now even control the bureaucrats.

And the press as a check on power?  The same corporations that contribute money to keep these guys in power own the media.  Enough said there.

We’re at a dangerous period here.  We’re looking at perpetual war, huge debts for future generations, and a ruined environment.  One way to start to turn things around would be to have the minority party gain control of one house of Congress.

Unfortunately, the Democrats don’t have too many individuals with the kind of presence that inspires confidence and a new era of responsible government, but we need to get some of these people into office even if they are not the barn burners we hope for in our leaders.

Before the next election cycle we need to change the perception that everything has changed since 9/11.  This is one of the fundamental assumptions this crowd uses to justify taking away your rights and snooping into your private life.

We need to get going on this right now.


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