Armstrong Ranch/Kenedy County Factoids

The Armstrong Ranch is in Kenedy County, Texas.  Here are a few factoids about the place for your reading pleasure.

The largest of the ranches was the King Ranch, founded in 1847 by Mifflin Kenedy and his partner Richard King, who acquired their vast holdings by both legal and questionable means. In the early 1880s, for example, Kenedy reportedly fenced in a lake that by tradition belonged to Doña Euliana Tijerina of the La Atravesada grant. To enforce their rule the Kings often called on the Texas Rangers,qv whom locals sometimes referred to as los rinches de la Kineña-the King Ranch Texas Rangers. Commenting on such practices, an anonymous newspaper article in 1878 averred that it was not unusual for King’s neighbors "to mysteriously disappear whilst his territory extends over entire counties." (Source)

Questionable means? Texas Rangers as enforcers?  Disappearing neighbors?  Kenedy County sounds like darn near paradise for the Bush-Cheney Crowd.


Why does the Armstrong Ranch have it’s own
Post Office right outside the gate?

Between 1940 and 1960 the population of Kenedy County grew from 700 to 884. Afterward, it steadily declined; in 1990 the county had only 460 residents and was therefore one of the least populous counties in the state. Sarita, the only town of any size, had 185 inhabitants in 1990, when, with a population about 80 percent Hispanic, Kenedy County ranked near the top among all United States counties in percentage of Hispanic residents. (Source)

The total population for Kenedy County in 2000 was 414.  In 1999, there were a total of 5 people in the county that made over $200,000 a year.  There are about 120 people in the workforce in the county and 83 of those work for the government.

Sure Shootin’ there’s got to be some of that Texas funny business going on with that Post Office.


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