The Last Trip


The former USNS Point Barrow (AKD-1) and the former Exxon Florence are shown being towed by the Crowley Invader Class Tug Ranger on 16 Feb 2006. These ships are being towed off for disposal from the Suisun Bay MarAd Reserve fleet.


The Point Barrow (AKD-1) was a one of a kind LSD-like vessel specially re-enforced and insulated for the purpose of delivering supplies to the Arctic in support of the construction of the DEW Line early warning radar system. Point Barrow was built by Maryland Shipbuilding and Dry Dock and delivered on 25 May 1957. During the Vietnam war, the Point Barrow delivered the first of the NASTY Class boats, carried LCM’s to Vietnam.  Later, the Point Barrow transported the phased radars for the USS Enterprise and USS Long Beach.  Point Barrow  was refitted and renamed, USNS Point Loma (AGDS-2) and became part of the fleet  that supported Trident missile  testing in the Pacific.


The Esso/Exxon Florence was built by Newport News Shipbuilding and delivered to Standard Oil of New Jersey on 15 Jan 1954. The Florence had a couple of notable individuals aboard during her career. The novelist, screenwriter, and poet, Paul Auster was a utility man and later, a mess man aboard the Florence.  The future Master of theExxon Valdez, Joseph Hazelwood was once among the members of the Florence’s crew.


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