More Fun Foggo Facts*

Meet The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight

We all know about Cheney’s shotgun skills, and now, may we present  to you – the firearm challenged number three guy at the CIA, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo.

Foggo was appointed by Bush’s man at the CIA, Porter Goss.  Goss’s firearm skills have yet to be demonstrated, but we do know that he said in an interview that he wasn’t qualified to run the CIA. (Danger, a Michael Moore Interview)

And now we know that his personal evaluation and hiring skills may also need a brush up.

Dusty Shot A Man  in LA Just to See His Squeegee Fall

In the late 1970’s, Dusty was a Los Angeles Country District Attorney Investigator.  It’s believed he came to the LADA’s Office from the San Diego Sheriff’s Office.

According to several retired LADA investigators, Dusty is very likely the Los Angeles County District Attorney Investigator who mistook a window-washing squeegee for a weapon and perhaps shot a man on a Los Angeles freeway on ramp. 

The brief story was that Dusty encountered an altercation between a female motorist and one of those panhandler/window washers who sometimes hang around the metering lights on Southern California freeways. In his eagerness to get involved, he apparently did not have what we call "situational awareness" and mistook the window-washing squeegee for a weapon. Believing the window-washing squeegee was a weapon, Dusty took a shot at the guy. The guy ran off, apparently never to be heard from again (I don’t have the official report of this incident, only a second hand account from a person who regularly reviewed shooting incidents in the DA’s Bureau of Investigation.) Los Angeles Police Department was said to have taken a report of this incident.

If in fact, Dusty was involved in this incident, it serves to illustrate a few things about the man: (1) He isn’t a very good shot. (2) He was unable to recognize the difference between a window-washing device and a weapon (3) He may not have exercised the best judgment in this situation. A District Attorney Investigator works for an elected official, and elected officials don’t like to have explain to the voters why their investigators are running around the freeways of Los Angeles shooting people at freeway metering lights. District Attorney Investigators are trained to maintain a low key profile and are not "street cops."

Current Connection I

Published reports indicate that those who worked with Dusty in the CIA are wary of his abilities and feel that he is not qualified for his current position.

Some People Never Change

Another retired LADA Investigator recalls that Dusty got himself assigned to be the DA’s driver.  This is a serious red flag to those in the Bureau who were more interested in putting together a tight case and getting the bad guys rather than being fixated on getting promoted.

The DA’s driver was (and probably still is) a job that was sought out by very ambitious and rank conscious types those who are willing to drive the Man around, wait in the car while he makes his speeches, pick up his laundry, drop his kids off at school, and generally perform the duties of a chauffeur-lackey for the District Attorney in hopes of ingratiating themselves to the Man in order to get promoted.  The sad fact is that it works more often than not.

Current Connection II

Published reports indicate that Dusty may have gotten himself appointed to his current position by ingratiating himself to members of the House Intelligence Committee – of which Porter Goss was Chairman.

Hey Look At Me – I’m A Secret CIA Agent

When Dusty left the Bureau everyone was aware he was leaving for a job with the CIA.  He told people he was going to Tegucigalpa, Honduras and that his work had something to do with the war in Nicaragua. He even set some post cards back to the Bureau from Tegucigalpa.

Current Connection III

Published reports indicate that some of the people who have worked with Dusty believe he is something of a loose cannon and self promoter.

So, the point of all this is that Dusty doesn’t seem to have changed much between his time with the LADA’s Office and his current position at the CIA.  Further, it would seem that even a cursory background investigation should have picked up this continuing pattern of serious behavioral issues – behavior that would eventually lead to serious problems.

* In the interest of fairness and accuracy, the people I’ve contacted about this freeway shooting incident may be confusing this event with another shooting in the Bureau at about the same time by an investigator that is now a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge.  However, to the best of every body’s recollection, it was Dusty and not the Judge involved in this incident. 

Note to all of you investigative reporters out there – It wouldn’t be difficult to request the reports of this incident from the LADA’s Office and LAPD for proof positive.


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