Starbucks Shocker

This is truly a debacle.

A cataclysmic coffee catastrophe.

I went to my favorite Starbucks stores in Santa Rosa to purchase my monthly can of Moca Powder.  To my shock and dismay, I was told that the company has discontinued selling cans of Moca Powder.

Moca drinkers from coast to coast are doomed.

This is so very disturbing because the quality control at Starbucks is awful.

I’ve been getting a vente, non-fat, no-whip moca every day for several years. I’ve visited hundreds  of Starbucks, from Maine to San Diego in both stand alone stores and in Safeways and Albertson’s. 

Some time back, I began to carry a can of the moca powder with me in my car because probably 6 times out of 10, I have to put more powder into my coffee due to the improper mixture by the Starbucks’s employees.

One of the only things that kept me coming back for these often times improperly made drinks was the fact that I know I could doctor it up when I got out to the car.

Starbucks is now taking that final option away, and may have just lost a loyal customer.   

It’s indeed a dark day in history.


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