Blimps Be Gone

They were going to be enormous. They were an ambitious engineering concept. There were supposed to combine aerodynamics, thrust vectoring, and buoyancy to create lift. They were to be heavier-than-air, and they were unaffordable.

Lockheed Martin and Aeros Aeronautical Systems had contracts from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to build concept models that could care 500 tons over 12,000 nautical miles in less than seven days.


                     I’m not the Walrus Anymore

According to an article in the current edition of Defense Technology International, no funds have been appropriated to continue the Walrus program for Fiscal 2006, and DARPA is in the process of closing out the first phase and ending the program.

There’s still hope, however.  It appears from this image from Aeros Aernautical Systems, that we could see United States Postal Blimps landing in large urban parks with 16-wheelers driving though the park to load and unload mail from the blimp’s cargo ramp.

And you thought that those joggers and bicyclists on the park paths were annoying.


                            Blimps Gone Postal

Seems like a great idea to me. Postal blimps. Fly like and Eagle….

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