The Law of Proportional Response

Here’s something to consider from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Many legal experts say Israel’s response to the recent abductions has
not upheld the principle of proportionality and violates international
humanitarian law. "Every nation has a right to defend its citizens,"
says David M. Crane,
a professor at Syracuse University College of Law, "but you must launch
an attack in a proportional way and can’t cause unnecessary suffering
for civilians.

"When someone punches you in the nose, you don’t burn their house down."

It probably doesn’t escape notice in the Arab World that much of the weaponry used by the IDF is of American origin.

Read more here.


Doher (Galloper) was introduced to the artillery forces in 1993, Doher is improved Rochev (The American M109A1
and M109A2). The IDF maintenance units designed it. This model was the
last one on a row of designs, none of which made it to serial
production.  From this year, till 1997, all of the active service
Rochevs were replaced by the Doher.

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