The USS Nashville and the USS Trenton

How about a great big thank you to the Navy men and women of the USS Nashville (LPD 13) the USS Trenton(LPD 14)  and the crews of the other ships involved in the evacuation of the American citizens from Lebanon?

Two destroyers – the USS Gonzalez and the USS Barry – are operating in the area. The ships are providing protection for contract
carriers and other U.S. warships. "Committed to the operation, but not
yet directly involved in the operation, is the Iwo Jima, Whidbey
Island, and HSV-Swift," the senior official said. "They are
committed; we will see if they are needed or not."

American servicemembers have been involved in getting U.S. citizens out
of danger since the founding of the republic. Before the current
non-combatant evacuation order – or NEO – for Lebanon, U.S.
servicemembers helped evacuate people from Liberia in 1993, Tanzania
and Kenya in 1998, Indonesia after the tsunami in 2005, Liberia again
in 2004, Panama in 1989 and Saigon in 1975.

USS Trenton (LPD14)

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