Ammunition Types By Color


When you look at this picture, you might be wondering why do
they go though all the trouble to paint those projectiles in such
a colorful paint scheme?

Well, by looking the the different colors they’ve painted the
projectiles, you can determine what kind of ammunition they
are firing. This color scheme is used for ammunition 20mm
and larger.

So, in the picture above, from the AP, there are projectiles
painted yellow, light green, and brown.

The yellow identifies the rounds as low-explosives, the ususal brown band can be seen around the bottom of the projectile.

The light green projectiles seen in the picture are screening or marking smoke projectiles.

Most of the projectiles are brown which would identify them as high-explosive rounds.

Some other colors you might see in photographs are:

White – Designates an illuminating round

Light Red – Designates an incendiary round.

Light Blue – Designates a training round.

Dark Green – Hopfully, you won’t be seen this color, as it designates a toxic chemical round.

Dark Red – Is used for a riot control agent.

Violet – Is another one, you probably won’t see.  It designates an incapacitating agent filler.

Silver – Designates a countermeasure round, such as a round filled with leaflets.

Now you know…. there’s a lot more on this subject here.

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