The Sioux Falls Victory

The Sioux Falls Victory was one of some 534 Victory Ships built during World War II.  The Sioux Falls Victory was built at California Shipbuilding in Los Angeles in 1945.  It took 88 days to build the Sioux Falls Victory – 51 days on the ways and 37 days in the water.

The Sioux Falls Victory served in World War II and the Korean War.

There’s an unfortunate incident documented on the Web involving Oiler Roy E. Nahl. It seems that while the SS Sioux Falls was berthed at Pier 59 in Seattle, Washington. Nahl had been sent aboard as a relief oiler and while on the 1600-2400 watch, he beat the crap out of an other crewman named Carlton with an axe handle.  The second cook disarmed Hahl and called the police and an ambulance.  Nahl ran down the gangway and escaped. Nahl was subsequently apprehended and brought to trial in King County and convicted of Third Degree Assault.  He served brief sentence in county jail.  In January of 1952, his Merchant Mariner’s Document was revoked after a Coast Guard hearing.

At one time the Sioux Falls Victory was apparently on a list of ships to be considered to be sunk to create an artifical reef, but for some reason the ship was dropped from the list and is going to be scrapped.

The contract is worth $978,698 to Marine Metals.

The Sioux Falls Victory on 5 August 2006 at Richmond

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3 Responses to “The Sioux Falls Victory”

  1. Walt Basinger Says:

    Added note to your article. The Sioux Falls Victory also served in Vietnam. I was a crew memeber on one voyage, June 1969 from Port Chicago CA to Saigon, then Thailand, then thru the Panama Canal to Jacksonville FL in late Sept 1969.
    Walt Basinger

  2. Mike Poth Says:

    I too can attest the the souix falls served in Vietnam I served aboard June -Nov 66
    We were the first crew to take her from Seattle to
    Vietnam stopping at Yokosuka Japan and subic bay Philippines along the way
    At the time I did not know that a year later I would return to Vietnam as a member of the
    US Army.

    Mike Poth

  3. olaf 850 nz Says:

    the Sioux Falls is one of the locations (amongst the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet) appearing toward the climactic finale in The Killer Elite (1975).

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