Let’s Start Talking about Real Issues

Ok, this really has to stop.

Democrats need to stop going into conniptions over every single stupid utterance that comes rolling out of the mouths of the opposition.

The Democrats have to start talking about things of substance.

Rather than wasting a week on obscure references to African-Tunisian monkeys, it might be better for Democratic candidates to be spending media time succinctly pointing out how the polices of the Bush Administration have caused individual Americans to be worse off than they were under the previous Democratic Administration.  They should describe in the simplest way possible, using as few words as possible, what they would do differently and why the average American voter would be better off with them in office.

Recent polls may encourage Democrats to believe that Bush bashing alone will put them back in power.

Maybe. Maybe not.

There have been recent suggestions that the Republicans are trialling a very clever, "He’s an Idiot" strategy, and if this turns out to be the case, Republican candidates could be inoculated against Bush’s poor poll numbers and the Democrats anti-Bush advantage could disappear.

If the Democrats lose the anti-Bush advantage, they will need a second strategy to fortify their position as the party of positive change.

The Democrats need to actually differentiate themselves from Republicans by a repetitive message that clearly states what they believe and how following their path will make us all better off.

Repetition and real issues are the key here.  It is vitally important to not let the opposition define you and your issues. We saw what happened with Kerry allowed himself to be defined by the Swift Boaters. His war-hero advantage disappeared overnight and he never recovered.

We all know what the Republicans stand for, and how they act. 

But do we what Democrats are and how they act?  Democrats can’t seem to keep from making fools of themselves by endless internal fighting, but even if they can’t agree on all of the details, they still stake out and brand themselves on broad issues and on the direction they want to move.

Simply covering each opposition candidate and trumpeting each and every gaffe and stupid statement isn’t going to make it unless the Democrats can offer some down to earth, everyday, practical solutions to huge mess that the current bunch has gotten us into.

At least that’s how it looks up here on the North Coast.

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