On The Road To Oppression

The American Civil Liberty Union states of the new oppressive measures approved by President Bush today:

"The president can now – with the approval of Congress – indefinitely hold people without charge, take away protections against horrific abuse, put people on trial based on hearsay evidence, authorize trials that can sentence people to death based on testimony literally beaten out of witnesses, and slam shut the courthouse door for habeas petitions…”

As an almost thirty year veteran of law enforcement, I can tell you will almost 100 percent certainty that use of these laws will not be confined to terrorists. 

Soon, you may be snatched off the street and held indefinitely without charges with no access to an attorney because somebody accused you of doing something wrong.

In a depressingly short time, the use of these measures will creep into use by Federal, and local law enforcement.

There have always been people in police departments and prosecutors offices who want to “get the job done” by using any means necessary. These kind of people have wanted to these kind “tools” for years.

We have started down a very dark path here.

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