Democratic House Cleaning

OK, yesterday’s election results were great, but there’s one little tiny bit of unfinished business left.

Recall the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington’s list of 13 most corrupt members of Congress?   Eleven of the listed congressmen and women are Republicans. Two of them are Democrats.

It’s amazing that the votes all over the country seemed to have done the right thing and dumped well over half of these bozos.

In California, we find Randy Cunningham in jail and the votes gave Richard Pombo the boot, but we still have Maxine Waters around.

If the Democrats are serious about eliminating corruption, it’s important that they make sure they have a squeaky clean house and take the necessary steps to keep a clean house so that the other side can’t accuse them of being hypocritical about corruption.

And this isn’t very good news either.

Just a curmudgeonly observation from North of the Bridge.


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